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Sebastián Pérez merges Tradition and Modernity


a ceramic company SEBASTIAN PÉREZ has been for 5 generations (late nineteenth century to the present) artisan worker of the mud, keeping the techniques of ancestral elaboration in a totally manual way.

The wide variety of formats available offers the possibility to create original and exclusive combinations with unique designs of great beauty and quality. The possibility to choose between different combinations such as mud and enamels, clay and marble, mud and natural stone, etc. makes these materials adapt to any decorative style, both rustic and modern.

Thanks to this totally handcrafted and manual process, and the proven quality of its products, the company is the only one in its sector included in the Register of Artisan Companies of the Region of Murcia with the number EA-0008.00.

100 years of history

Ustra family SEBASTIAN Perez has been a century for almost 3 generations uninterrupted, manufacturing tiles, tiles and bricks entirely by hand, respecting the philosophy and idiosyncrasies of our elders, maintaining the production process, betting on the sustainability and the environment,and having as its two priority objectives the product quality and product quality customer satisfaction.

In 1989 the company adapted to the new times and the emerging international markets where we have more presence. With great effort and to maintain the growth line, in 2000 the facilities are expanded incorporating new dryers to accommodate a wide range of formats demanded by new customers, and traditional-style furnaces are built with significantly shorten the delivery times of our products.

Currently we follow the same process of handcrafted manufacture of the different pieces. We collect clay from our quarry, and for baking we use organic materials such as almond peel or olive bone, which in addition to favouring circular economy,being wasteped abundantly in our territory, are totally anti-pollution and allows us to get the authentic and genuine flamed color typical of the clay of the area. Therefore, there is no piece exactly like another.


ARCILLA, WATER AND FIRE, these are the three elements, together with the hand of man, used for the elaboration of our products.

Preparation of mud and making parts
Drying and sanding of parts
Pallet baking and storage
Post-installation treatment


1st Extraction of clays in our quarries.

It is carried out within walking distance of the workshop, performing the extraction in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

2o Preparation of clay.

The clay is mixed with water and removed until the desired consistency is achieved, passing through an unwanted process of purifying elements, and letting the mixture rest for several days until it reaches the desired degree of molding.

3rd Elaboration of the pieces.

Once the optimum point of the clay is achieved, it is extended, removed and washed within the different molds used for each of the pieces.

4th Drying the pieces

A few days later, while the mud is a little harder, he washes his face again, after settlement of the piece, and is left to dry outdoors under very specific circumstances of temperature, aeration and without direct sunlight.

5th Baking

Once the piece is dried, the songs are cleaned and placed in the traditional oven where it reaches temperatures of up to 1000oC.

6th Parts Storage

Cooked the pieces, they are sorted one by one for palletizing, removing the defective parts.

7th Post-installation treatment

The final result of our product can be enriched with a subsequent treatment recommended by the company, enhancing the different shades of the clay and isolating it from possible and undesirable stains. This treatment is optional and only applies to interiors. The application of this primer should be done with the floor completely dry, between 60-90 days after installation.

Thanks to maintaining this process totally handcrafted and manual, and the quality of our products, Sebastián Pérez, is registered as ARTESANA COMPANY in the Register of Craft Companies of the Region of Murcia with the number EA-0008.00.

modern facilities that preserve the essence of craftsmanship and manual work, adapted to the demands and needs of a modern and functional clay workshop, which preserves the demands of storage, waste management, impact sustainability without losing the ancestral tradition.

Ceramic product range

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